You know how you’re ready to pack your bags and head to your spiritual home? You have no tolerance for bullshit. I used to have some. Very very little mind you, but enough to put up with day to day niceties. Now, I’m at the end of my nicety rope. Please don’t ask me how my packing is going. If you want to engage in honest and meaningful conversation, I’m down. But I’m getting ready to start a new life. One that includes a zero tolerance policy on bullshit, implemented immediately. Here’s a suggestion: ask me how I feel about leaving the country with no job and no immediate prospects for the foreseeable future. Or how I feel about leaving a city I’ve, albeit tentatively, grown quite a fondness for. Or what I’m afraid of. (Quite a bit by the way.) That’s a worthy use of my time. I’ll always take time out of my day for genuine human connection. Otherwise, I’m busy. You know, packing and shit.

If you ask me how I am, you better be ready for an honest answer. If not, I give you permission to simply walk on by. We don’t have to  have the awkward I see you but I have nothing to say so I’ll just ignore you exchange. You can wave or acknowledge my presence by head nod. But please, don’t engage me in small talk. I just. Don’t. Have. Time. Right now.

In case you need assistance in deciphering, small talk includes but is not limited to the weather, the Super Bowl, the halftime show or the presidential race. Although, politics and religion can be an interesting way to uncover what I truly value as long as you’re willing to hear me without judgement and disdain for my beliefs.

If I ask you how you are, I care to hear an honest answer. Please don’t tell me about your appointments, what you had for lunch or your shopping list. Lay it on me. I can handle it. What made you laugh today? What pissed you off so much you couldn’t see straight? More importantly, why? What keeps you up at night? Do you have a personal project you’re creating? What makes your heart sing? What brings you peace? You know. The good shit.

If you can’t be real with me, carry on. You see, I’m off in search of only that. The real. The truth. Quite honestly, when I look around very little seems real to me. Fancy cars, politics, business speak, daily chit chat, the Kardashians – it all seems to be taking up space right now and for me, it’s too much. Too much phoney. So I’m off to have an experience with the real.