Today was a silent day. Praise Jesus. While I love my ParaYoga family, I miss my mornings of solidarity. When even greetings of the day are unnecessary. Oddly enough, coming on retreat has seemed, at times, more stimulating than being home. Although I am not forced to engage in conversation, it seems odd to walk around not responding to people. There are certainly times I wish I could wear a name tag that reads HI. My name is SILENCE.

Here is what I’ve learned –

That I get ‘pulled into’ chit chat even when I don’t really want to be chit chatting.
I am easily swayed.
By nature, I am a participator.
I do have a genuine interest in people, especially those I love. However, all things being equal, most of the time, I can just as easily not talk to them.
There’s a LOT of noise out there.

Most of all, I’ve learned I LOVE not talking. I’m talking ADORE it. However, this is only a 36-hour mandate. I wonder if I would still feel this way after 72 hours or a whole week. I think I would still love the peace that silence and consistent contemplation brings.

Without words, hugs became bigger and more meaningful. Smiles more engaging. And the thoughts of loved ones more directed and potent. I sent prayers and thoughts across oceans and truly believe the recipients felt my love.

Silence is powerful. More powerful than words ever can be.