I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks now. The sun, the sand, and the salt water. Add in the daily serious slicking slathering of oil from head to toe and I’m pretty sure this is what heaven feels like. I’ve always found the ocean to be my greatest source of healing – the best form of self soothing. Through my studies I’ve come to understand why. According to Vedic astrology, I have absolutely no water in my chart. Zero, zilch, nada. Not a drop to be found anywhere. You don’t have to understand Vedic astrology or Ayurveda to understand that this is why I’m so drawn to the healing, nurturing waters of Mother Earth. It offers me all the qualities I seek and lack – fluidity, softness and, malleability.

As I swam ashore feeling well soothed and refreshed by the salt and the surf, I exited the water feeling all sorts of Bo Derek-like. Caught off guard in all my self admiring sexiness, I got walloped by an incoming wave breaking close to shore. Face down I went – just like a blooper from a Baywatch episode. In that instant I was reminded that the very same Mother energy that calms and comforts me has no qualms about handing me a good ass whooping –  not a nanosecond after a breath of total bliss.

This is the Divine Mother. The ruthless administrator of life lessons as well as the ultimate nurturer. Make no mistake, she serves up exactly what you need, when you need it. Of this I am sure. But like any good mother, behind every hug, every beat down, every embrace,and every tearing open is nothing but pure, unadulterated, unconditional love.