It’s my first day truly on my own here in India. Up until today, I’ve been surrounded by friends or fellow yogis with a common language. People I could turn to to help me process and lighten the load a bit. Those who understand and support me.

Today I feel my journey starts anew after 2 ½ weeks in India. I love that I’m here by myself now. I truly enjoy meeting new people, making friends and connecting with new cultures. I’m good at it and it’s how I’ve come to experience some of my most memorable adventures all over the world. But now I’m feeling drawn to something very different. The bliss of solitude. A newfound love of being with myself. While there is little agenda here at Somatheeram other than my 4-6pm treatment time, somehow my days feel very full. With writing and walks on the beach. Swims in the ocean and pages of books. Returning to my mat only to find my practice anew after time in Khujarho. A new reverence for my practice – and myself. Some days include research and planning for the next destination and even that seems to impose on my time as I truly savor the present moment and not being attached to itinerary. Planning places me in the future. While I know it’s a logical must do, for now, I’m relishing in throwing logic aside. Which means not worrying about money and paying a little extra to get from one place to the next with the help of my travel agent in the States instead of wasting my time Googling ‘best hotels in Sri Lanka.’ Or deciding on a plane ticket instead of a 10 hour overnight bus.

I have over another week more here being pampered and cared for. The only thing preventing that is me taking care of myself. I feel I’m on the right track.