Hi. My name is Jennifer Galardi and welcome to DONE. I started this page because I noticed, to truly initiate real change in our lives, we first have to get to the point where the desire for something different is greater than what we have currently. Not only do we have to REALLY desire something different, that ‘something different’ if it is to be realized, must be in line with a greater purpose. Because when the going gets tough, (as it usually will if we’re striving for something truly different and amazing) we’ll need something to hold onto – a darn good reason for undergoing the discomfort of change. At the ripe old age of 40, I had an awakening. My life was too short to be filled with less than anything I truly desired. Whether that be in work, relationships, friendships, or just my day to day attitude. It is my hopes that these blogs will inspire you and spark a curiosity in your about who you truly are and what your purpose is.  It is my hopes that you’ll question (yourself as well as me and others!) and support each other as we create change and move towards more joy, peace and love – for ourselves, others and the world.